48 wines by the glass

drink offers a wide range of wine varietals from around the world with an emphasis on California. The prices of the wines also ranges from daily affordable to I’ve got to try this! If the label isn’t enough to sell you on the wine then tasting notes above each selection may help you decide.

There are 48 wines to choose from with 3 pour sizes depending on your mood: just tasting 1.5 oz. feeling a little confident 3. oz. or, I want to sit down & relax 6. oz. The staff at drink is knowledgable & excited to assist you in choosing which wine to taste next! Sroll down to see how the wine machines work.

Your Glass, Your Pour


Exchange a credit card for a wine card which gives you access to the 48 wines offered by the glass on the wine machines.


Once you’ve decided on the wine you’d like to taste, insert the card into one of the slots on either side of the machine & leave it in while you make your selection.


Choose your pour -taste, half glass or full glass, hold your glass under the spout & press in on the touch screen for the amount you’d like until the wine starts to pour.


Don’t forget to remove your card.


Cheers! enjoy!